Letters and Diaries


Published excerpts from the letters and diaries of the White Rose members give us valuable insights into their lives. Several books of selected letters are available to readin German (see below), but only one provides an English translation. Student members of the 2019-2020 White Rose Translation Project have produced English versions of some of the letters and diary entries of the group’s members. Most of these texts have never appeared in English before.

Explore our Voices of the Resistance page to hear some of these new translations in English.

Published Letters and Diaries in German

  • Hans Scholl and Sophie SchollHans Scholl, Sophie Scholl: Briefe und Aufzeichnungen, ed. by Inge Jens(Frankfurt a.M.: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1988)
  • Willi Graf, Briefe und Aufzeichnungen, ed. by Anneliese Knoop-Graf and Inge Jens (Frankfurt a.M.: Fischer, 1994)
  • Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel, Damit wir uns nicht verlieren: Briefwechsel1937-1943, ed. by Thomas Hartnagel (Frankfurt a.M.: Fischer, 2006)
  • Alexander Schmorell and Christoph Probst, Gesammelte Briefe, ed. by Christiane Moll (Berlin: Lukas Verlag, 2011)
  • Wolfgang Huber (ed.), Die Weiße Rose: Kurt Hubers letzte Tage(Munich: Utz Verlag, 2018)

Publsihed Letters and Diaries in English

  • Inge Jens (ed.), At the Heart of the White Rose: Letters and Diaries of Hans and Sophie Scholl, trans. by J. Maxwell Brownjohn (Walden, NY: Plough Publishing House, 2017)