Voices of the German Resistance

Voices of the German Resistance is a commemorative project bringing together choral works and readings from the White Rose members’ letters, diaries, and resistance pamphlets in new English translations. It is an ongoing collaboration between the award-winning vocal ensemble SANSARA and the White Rose Project at the University Of Oxford. This film provides a brief introduction.

Here, you can listen to some of the letters and diary entries of the White Rose, translated into English and performed by members of the White Rose Project.

White Rose members.jpg

Line drawing of Sophie Scholl by Isabella, attendee at the ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ residential at St Edmund Hall in 2018.

Willi Graf | Excerpts from Willi Graf’s letters and diary in English.

Kurt Huber | Excerpts from Professor Kurt Huber’s letters in English.

Christoph Probst | Excerpts from Christoph Probst’s letters in English.

Sophie Scholl | Excerpts from Sophie Scholl’s letters in English, read by Elba Slamecka.

Hans Scholl | Excerpts from Hans Scholl’s letters in English, read by Benjy Fortna.

Alexander Schmorell | Excerpts from Alexander Schmorell’s letters in English, read by Akshat Pranesh.