The Fifth Pamphlet

Translated by Ilona Clayton and Ro Crawford, student translators on the White Rose Translation Project 2018-19. Please see the terms of use below.

Pamphlets of the Resistance Movement in Germany.


The war is heading towards its certain end. Just as in 1918, the German government is trying to channel all attention towards the growing threat of submarines, while in the East the armies are constantly falling back, and in the West the invasion is expected. America’s armament has not yet reached its full potential, but even now it exceeds anything ever seen before in history. With mathematical certainty, Hitler is leading the German people into the abyss. HITLER CANNOT WIN THE WAR; HE CAN ONLY PROLONG IT! His guilt and the guilt of his followers continually exceeds all boundaries. Just punishment is nigh!

But what are the Germans doing about it? They refuse to see, and they refuse to hear. Blindly they follow their corrupters into ruin. ‘Victory at all costs!’, they wrote on their banner. I will fight until the last man, Hitler says — meanwhile, the war is already lost.

Germans! Do you and your children want to suffer the same fate that befell the Jews? Do you want to be judged by the same measures as those who have corrupted you? Shall we be forever hated and shunned by the whole world? No! So separate yourselves from the subhuman nature of National Socialism! Act — prove that you think differently! A new fight for liberation is at hand. The better part of the people is fighting on our side. Tear off the cloak of indifference that shrouds your heart! Decide — BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Don’t believe the National Socialist propaganda that has injected the fear of Bolshevism into your every limb! Don’t believe that Germany’s salvation is bound to the victory of National Socialism for better or worse! A band of criminals cannot bring about German victory. Break away from everything associated with National Socialism BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! A terrible, but a righteous judgement is coming to those who holed themselves up in such a cowardly and passive way.

What does the outcome of this war teach us, a war in which it was never our nation that was at stake?

The imperial concept of power, regardless of which side it might come from, needs to be neutralised for all time. A one-sided Prussian militarism should never be allowed to come to power again. Only through the generous collaboration of the European nations can the foundation be built on which a new development will be possible. Every centralising force, like the one the Prussian state has tried to exercise in Germany and in Europe, must be nipped in the bud. The Germany to come can only be federalist. Only a healthy federalism can bring new life to a weakened Europe. The workers need to be freed from their condition of abject slavery through a level-headed socialism. This delusion of a self-sufficient economy must disappear from Europe. Every nation, every person has a right to the goods of the world!

Freedom of speech, freedom of faith, protection of the individual citizen from the despotism of criminal and violent states: these are the foundations of the new Europe.

Support the resistance movement, distribute the pamphlets!

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