The Pamphlets in English

The White Rose used the written word to call the German people to resist Nazism and to contribute to an end to the Second World War. They produced Flugblätter — leaflets or pamphletsto spread their ideas. In total six leaflets were printed and distributed by the White Rose.

While there are many versions of the pamphlets in English, the translations included below are the result of a collaborative process (as is true of the original pamphlets) and were undertaken by undergraduate students at the University of Oxford as part of The White Rose Project.

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Translators’ Introduction – the Oxford student members of the White Rose Project explain their approach to translating the pamphlets.

Watch ‘Writing and Resistance’ for a short introduction to the pamphlets, followed by a live reading of all seven texts by students, former students, and academics at the University of Oxford (UK).

You can read the Oxford student translators’ versions of the pamphlets in English here:

The First Pamphlet

The Second Pamphlet

The Third Pamphlet

The Fourth Pamphlet

The Fifth Pamphlet

The Sixth Pamphlet

The pamphlets are also available in German here.