Digital Symposium 2020

We were due to hold a symposium on the White Rose Resistance on 17 and 18 March 2020 at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. Sadly we had to postpone the event. We hope to hold the symposium on a future date, but in the meantime we’re hosting a digital symposium here on our website. Read articles by academics and students on the group and on the experience of translating their letters and diaries. We’ll be adding material over the next few weeks. If you have any questions or comments in response to the papers and other works, please contact

screenshot-2020-06-22-at-13.30.01.pngHildegard Kronawitter, Weiße Rose Stiftung  | ‘Welcome Address’

Helena Tomko, ‘Love and Do as You Will: Theodor Haecker Spoke to the White Rose’

Stephani Richards-Wilson, ‘Willi Graf of the White Rose: Words, Will, and a Way to Resist’

Sarah Brady, ‘Telling the Stories of the White Rose: Bearing Witness and Building Empathy Through Oral Storytelling’

Katie J. Sanchez, Commemoration of the White Rose in East and West Germany’

Anke Loewensprung, ‘Lighting Matches during Blackout: A Visual Narrative in Slow Motion’

Tinka Reichmann and Juliana P. Perez, ‘The White Rose in Brazil: Translation, Culture and History’

Alexandra Lloyd, ‘Sophie Scholl: Interpreting an Icon’

Daniel Lloyd, ‘Cult and Commemoration: The White Rose’

Students on Translation and Performance

Lydia Ludlow, ‘Translating Sophie Scholl’s Letters’

Luke Cooper, ‘Translating Christoph Probst’s Letters’

Alice Hopkinson-Woolley, ‘Translating Hans Scholl’s Letters’

Rachel Herring, ‘Translating Voices from the Past’

Further papers will be available in July 2020:

Emily Oliver, ‘The White Rose on the BBC German Service’

The symposium is convened by the White Rose Project, in association with the Weiße Rose Stiftung Munich and the Queen’s College Translation Exchange. It is generously supported by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH). The original symposium programme is available here.

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 15.50.05.pngFor a virtual experience of visiting St Edmund Hall, take one of the 3D tours available on the college’s website.